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Corporate Power Purchase Agreements

Unlocking access to renewable energy for businesses across Japan

To overview

Connecting your business to wind and solar power

If your company needs renewable energy to meet its ESG and SDG decarbonisation targets, corporate PPA could help. Partner with us and take advantage of our extensive experience in helping businesses to achieve energy independance.

We offer the following Corporate PPAs:

  • On-site PPAs: we build solar power plants on customer-owned buildings, unused land or reservoirs.
  • Off-site PPAs: power producers build wind and solar power plants in remote locations.
    • Physical PPA: the renewable energy producer and the company purchasing the power are both connected to the same grid.
    • Virtual PPA: there is no direct transfer of energy between the energy producer and the buyer, but the renewable energy producer is able to convey its Renewable Energy Certificates to the buyer ‘virtually’, allowing them to essentially purchase the green energy exclusively from that source.

We offer tailored solutions to help you access renewable energy without tying up your company's capital. We have extensive experience in this field.

Why partner with us?

Working alongside BayWa r.e. gives you access to a world-class network of renewables expertise and knowledge. This is applied by local teams with intimate familiarity of Japan’s energy market.

You also enjoy confidence and peace of mind. Our parent company, BayWa AG, and our investment partner, Energy Infrastructure Partners AG give us the financial stability to realize your energy ambitions.

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