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The Complete Approach to Solar Power

Whatever role you want to play in your photovoltaic project, we support you at every step.

To overview

End-to-end solar project success

We know how to bring large-scale ground-mounted solar parks to market successfully. BayWa r.e. project managers ensure your project enjoys the same outcome.

On your behalf, we’ll maintain positive relationships with everyone from municipalities and planners to landowners and government bodies. If your company is looking to invest in renewables, we’re with you every step of the way. Want us to manage and operate the park for you? Need help negotiating the sale of electricity, or even the entire project itself? We have the experience to make it happen for you.

Adapting PV projects to the local environment

Each location places unique demands on a project. The components and materials we use are adapted to the conditions of every individual site by our local teams.

Selling project rights? Need a finance partner?

As your secure finance partner, we can acquire the rights to projects at all stages. That includes those secured on the basis of tenders.

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