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Do More with your Land, Generate Solar Power

Your land has the potential to generate renewable energy and give you a new source of revenue

To overview

Diversify your income by leasing land for PV projects

Many large bodies of unused land across Japan are ideal for solar parks, creating a lucrative source of income. From fallow fields we can help you explore the potential for a renewable energy installation. Unused artificial bodies of water like gravel pits or irrigation ponds can also be leased for floating-PV installations. 

Our teams can help you with planning and development, as well as leasing to let you generate a rental income stream from any project we build. Leases of up to 20 years or more give you long-term peace of mind and secure revenue. We could even buy the land or water from you outright, releasing money from unused assets.Whatever you decide, we assume all project risk.

We’re interested in:

  • All land of at least two hectares
  • Sites with enough setbacks, as designated by local authorities
  • Impervious surface areas and land ready for redevelopment
  • Former industrial or agricultural sites

Why sell your land?

Get a guaranteed high margin on the sale of your land, and an ongoing income stream if you decide to look after the land.

We take care of everything, including sales agreements, planning, installation and maintenance.

Why lease your land to us?

Our teams will handle the whole project, from rental agreements through to planning, construction and operations.

You’ll get a long-term fixed rental income, as well as an additional income if you choose us to care for the land as a service provider.

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