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World-leading Experience in Solar

Our global track record of successful PV projects speaks for itself

To overview

We deliver everything from ground-mounted to roof-top, floating-PV and hybrid projects

BayWa r.e. has proven international experience in rooftop, open-space and water-based systems at all stages and scales. We also specialise in hybrid plants and industrial energy solutions. From project acquisition and development right through to commercial operation and technical management, we offer you the full service.

Partner with us to navigate the technical, commercial and legal complexities inherent in these critical projects.

Discover the solution that’s best for you.

Project management in practice

Many years of experience make us a global solar market leader. That experience teaches us the value of relationships. Working with clients and local stakeholders, we handle everything from site analysis and planning approvals to designs, construction and operation. We purchase project rights at all development stages.

Our local teams have a deep working knowledge of Japan’s energy market. That lets us implement the best technologies in a way that’s right for each project.

Solar project development services

  • Site analysis and evaluation
  • Greenfield project development
  • Yield simulations
  • Approval planning and applications
  • Support during the approval process
  • System planning (electrics and panel utilization)
  • Development and installation planning
  • Collaboration with local developers and planners
  • Acquiring project rights at any development stage
  • Assisting with regional cooperative projects
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