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Helping Asian Businesses Go Renewable

Achieve energy independence for your business and cut electricity costs with PV self-consumption

To overview

Play your part in Japan’s renewable energy revolution. Generate renewable electricity on your premises and take your first steps towards self-sufficiency.

No matter how you aim to meet your sustainability targets, let us help. We’re a leading provider of renewable energy solutions for commercial and industrial clients throughout Asia and all over the world.

Cut your energy costs

Working with our energy solutions team, you’ll experience:

  • Added profitability: Reduce energy costs and increase your profit margins
  • Sustainability: Cut your carbon footprint and reach emissions goals
  • Custom solutions: A bespoke solution that puts your business first

Become self-sufficient

In a volatile electricity market, Japanese companies are wising up to the benefits of energy independence.

We help medium to large-scale businesses and international corporations tailor PV installations to match their premises and business goals.

Our services:

  • Rooftop PV installations 
  • Solar carports and electric vehicle charging stations
  • Ground-mounted PV systems on unused land
  • Corporate power purchase agreements (PPAs)
  • Floating-PV on unused bodies of water
  • Virtual Power Purchase Agreements (VPPA)
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